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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Playing Blackjack Strategy Based on Casino Rules!

Casinos will have different rules for blackjack games. Sometimes the rules are favorable to the player while other times they are not. Favorable rules allow the player an advantage and blackjack strategy is maximized. However, unfavorable rules put the player at a disadvantage because blackjack strategy cannot be used to its full potential.

In a basic game of blackjack with no manipulation of the rules the player will have an advantage when the deck is holding mostly high cards. The dealer will have an advantage when the deck is holding mostly low cards. Casinos implement rules, though, to give them an advantage so they lose less money.

With favorable rules the players advantage s going to be higher over the dealer. Some favorable rules to watch out for are early surrender, late surrender on a single deck, double down after splitting, drawing to split aces, re splitting of aces, double down cards any number and 2:1 payoff blackjack. When any of these rules are present a player is getting an extra edge over the dealer.

Unfavorable rules increase the dealers advantage while decreasing the players. Some unfavorable rules to look out for are no doubling on hard 11, no doubling on hard 10, no doubling on hard 9, no doubling soft hands, dealer hits soft 17, dealer takes no hole cars, two decks, four decks, six decks, no re splitting pairs. When any of these rules are present the player is at a bigger disadvantage to the dealer.

In order to get the most out of blackjack strategy a player needs to understand the favorable and unfavorable rules. They can play their normal strategy with favorable rules, but they need to understand the impact of unfavorable rules. Unfavorable rules mean a player must adjust their strategy to gain the edge back.

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